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NHF - Conditions for NHF Refund


1. Refund is made to a contributor who has attained 60 years of age or has put in 35 years in service.

2. Refund is also made to a contributor that has obtained a loan, liquidated the loan and has attained     the age of 60 years or have put in 35 years in service.

3. Retired from employment and becomes incapable of continuing the contribution to the Fund.

4. Refund is made to the next-of-kin of a contributor in case of a deceased contributor.

Documents required for refund of contribution

- Application letter requesting for refund of contribution.

- Letter of offer of appointment.

- Photocopy of retirement letter.

- Letter of introduction from former Employer.

- Birth certificate or Declaration of age certificate.

- Completed NHF Contribution withdrawal forms.

- NHF passbook.

- Bank Account details through which refund would be paid.

- Medical Report of incapability to continue contributions due to failing health

- Letter of administration & Death Certificate (in case of a deceased contributor)

- Evidence of contribution (Receipt) for self-employed contributor


- Biometric Verification Number (BVN)

Please visit any of our office nearest to you for further clarification and guidance.

Personal banking Customer service  Call: 09-2920689, 09-2920690

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