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NHF - Procedure For Registration

All Nigerians in employment, whether self-employed or in paid employment, are required by the NHF Act No.3 of 1992 to contribute 2.5% of their basic salary/income to the fund.


The Procedure for registration is as follows:


1.The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) will supply Employer Registration Form (NHF1) to employers.


2.Employers will complete form NHF1 and return to the nearest branch of the Federal Mortgage bank of Nigeria.


3.Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria will register the Employer and issue an employer’s registration number.


4.Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria will issue form NHF2 to employers for completion by employees or directly to self employed or individual.


5.Employee will complete the form NHF2 and return to the employer.


6.The employer or self-employed individuals will return completed form NHF2 to Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.


7.Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria will register Employees on Form NHF2 and allocate employees participation number to each employee/self-employed individual.


8.Federal Mortgage Bank will issue a passbook to each of the registered employees where the monthly deduction of his/her 2.5% basic salary will be posted by the employer.


9.At this point, an employee is now a registered participant of the National Housing Fund.


10.Employer will commence deduction of contributions at source. Such deductions/contributions are remitted to Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria with schedule of payment indicating the amount contributed by each employee and the period covered.


11.Self –employed contributors will also commence monthly remittances of contributions to FMBN.


12.Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria will accept contributions and issue receipts for payments.

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